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ASUS C42N1728, 0B200-02520100 LAPTOP BATTERY

Estimated delivery between 2024/06/16 - 2024/06/21
6,999.00 6,509.07
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Battery Type : Li-ion Voltage: 15.4V Capacity: 71Wh 4480mAh Warranty: 6 Months warranty by us Warranty: 6 months warranty from solutions-365 only TERMS & CONDITIONS: REPLACEMENT: For replacement customer need to send the product through courier by their own cost In case if product stop working will provide a replacement within a warranty period.Warranty will not be covered if the product is Burnt, has Physical damage or without serial number, and has Liquid damage. REFUND: If product is working & customer want refund than our company will deduct 20% amount of product. We provide refund within 20-25 days after receiving the product.If product is not working & customer want refund than our company will deduct courier charges only and provide refund.

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