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Buy Dell 15R Laptop Battery Compatible Online

Buy Dell 15R Laptop Battery Compatible Online
Buy Dell 15R Laptop Battery Compatible Online

Dell 15R Laptop Battery Compatible Technical Specification

Battery type: Li-ion

Capacity:  4080 mAh

Voltage: 10.8V

Warranty: 1 year

Compatible Models: 

DELL inspiron 13R, 
DELL inspiron 14R, 
DELL inspiron 15R N5010, 
DELL inspiron 15R, 
DELL inspiron 17R, 
DELL inspiron N3010D series, 
DELL inspiron N4010D series, 
DELL inspiron N7010 series, 
DELL inspiron N3010R,
DELL inspiron N4010R, 
DELL inspiron N5010R, 
DELL inspiron N5030 series

DELL inspiron M501 series, 
DELL inspiron M5010 series 
DELL inspiron M5030, 
DELL inspiron N7010R Vostro 1440, 
Vostro 1450 Vostro 1540,
Vostro1550 Vostro 3450 
Vostro 3550 Vostro 3750

Compatible Part Numbers: 

8NH55, J1KND, 04YRJH, FMHC10, TKV2V, 
YXVK2, J4XDH, 9TCXN, 9T48V, 965Y7, 
4T7JN, 312-0234, 383CW, 312-0233

Our main motive is to deliver high-quality batteries at your doorstep and for any further assistance, you can call our customer care 90 94 90 97 90 for Purchase information or any other queries related product. 

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